100 presets sound bank
for U-he HIVE

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Inspiring Pulses for Hive - born to inspire

Joseph Hollo presents great and interesting new ideas for your next masterpiece:

100 patches of rhythmic and melodic inspiration using all of the lovely tools Hive2's offering: the Arpeggiator, the step Sequencer and the 4 new Shape sequencers. The main body of the soundset contents 21 Arpeggiators, 17 Basslines, 17 Sequencers, 16 BPM patches and the rest are also rhythmical: 8 Keys, 7 Drums, 4 Leads, 4 Transition Effects, 3 Ambient sounds, 2 Basses and a Soundscape patch.

You can start your new track using any of these patch categories, by finding the perfect BPM pad for a punchy Bassline, or an Ambient drone with a vibrating Arpeggio in minutes. In fact all of Joseph's arranging and composing skills went into building these patches and when he was composing the demo, all he had to do: just choose the next patch. A new feature that the XY pads in Hive can contain the Ctrl A (Breath) and Ctrl B (Expression). It's a good news for any of you who don't have a masterkeyboard with addressable controllers. It was an issue with keyboards with only Modwheel and Pitch Bender controllers. Now you can access for the XY pads even in the patch browser to try any possible controller variations.

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