68 presets sound bank
for U-HE REPRO-5

Xpressive - express your analogue desires

After creating factory patches for U-HE Repro-5, I just couldn't stop myself and I'm still running in high gear exploring all the possibilities of this lovely sounding new synth.

Xpressive became an all rounder soundset.
68 instantly playable, highly musical patches.

Emphasis on the 80's synths-soupergroups like Alphaville, Duran Duran - listen to the end of the demo.
Warm and analouge sounding pads, keys, plucked and lead instruments.
Beside the modern BPM or plucked patches there are many useful and expressive "bread and butter" sounds to help jumpstart your songwriting process.

If you would like to try it, start with downloading the 17 free patches!

If you prefer high quality demos, download our demo in mp3 format (44.1kHz, 320Kbps)


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